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Marching Band

Marching Band

 The normal purpose of parables are to convey a higher, spiritual truth. INSTANT CONFIDENTIAL FOOTING!

Telling stories-Parables are among the most powerful techniques humans have for sharing meaning and understanding with each other. They are unique in that every persons account will hardly ever be like another persons, even when the same parable was heard by both persons at the same time.

No matter how many stories you’ve heard, it may not be good enough because of one’s mindset and because not having right tools!

Columbus, Oh. VAACC

Columbus, Oh. VAACC

With these Powerful Videos at your disposal, you will not lack a single thing when it comes to understanding how to get the most out of each day this year…

This Video Series Contains…

-Inspiration Story About Consequences
Inspiration Story About Controlling Anger (Change Your Life Today)
-Inspiration Story About Encouragement
-Inspiration Story About Facing Adversity
-Inspiration Story About Kindness
-Inspiration Story About the Butterfly
-Inspiration Story About the Good Samaritan (This Story You Thought You Knew) (Smile)
-Inspiration Story About the Lion and the Mouse

In This Series, You Will Learn:

All about beating adversity.
How to control anger! (TODAY)
Find out how-to make the most out of life.
About kindness.
How to handle encouragement!
Secrets of being a good person.
About consequences.
And so much more!

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