Chapter 6: Live Longer With Vigor

Live Longer
Live Longer With Vitality

Chapter 6: Live Longer With Vigor

Did you know that you could live longer, stay healthy, and feel stronger if you exercise and eat right? Take the first step with our tune-up chart below.


When you begin eating healthy foods in moderation, and exercising every day you will feel good, stay younger, and look healthy while gaining new friends of like mind, who want the same things out of life for themselves. What a great way to meet new people. Older adults meet and stroll at city malls.

This could be the beginning of a new-found section of churches. (Smile)

God Created It
God Created It

DO THIS, and your life will change, you will meet other fit people

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he older we grow; the Human Growth Hormones ceases production. The Human Growth Hormones (HGH) gives us the youthful look, strength, firmness of skin, high libido, and so on.

Butt In order to maintain Human Growth Hormone levels, you need amino acids, which “stimulate the pituitary gland in our brain.” “The pituitary gland” enforces growth, “metabolism, and maturation in humans.” This is only one part of a healthy diet come into play.

When we sit, lie around the house, or do minimal exercise, we are hurting our body, which increases our chance of feeling old, plus looking like shit. (Please Don’t Add Drinking) Lack of exercise and healthy foods is one of the leading sources why people suffer from heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, high-blood pressure, another well-known diseases.


The MOTHER of all diseases;
If you get diabetes; your life is at complete risk. It is important to avoid such complications by finding out which plan is right for you. There are three elements to staying healthy.

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  • One: You must come up with a plan, adhere to a goal, and stick with it.
  • Two: Setting goals are not hard for those that are used to the procedures
  • Three: Butt for those of us that are spontaneous, setting goals can be a nuisance. The key to success is setting standards, rules, goals, schedules, and working toward making them come alive.

    Starting a planning schedule is easier if you write the plans down, and then put them in an area where you can see them each day. (Refrigerator, dresser, et cetera)

    A Team-Mate Is A Must
    A Team-Mate Is A Must

    [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he key then to a healthier you is to plan a diet that is low in protein, cholesterol, low in fats, sugars especially, high fiber and starches. Your body will need enough minerals and vitamins to maintain a quality state of health.

    Some of the basic principles for starting a healthy diet plan are:
    Starting with the body type and what your doctor recommends, try to include fruits, vegetables, small amount of meats and bread into your diet plan.

    Be sure to add bread to your diet. Eating two kinds of whole grain products per day can increase your health, and maintain your weight. Grains such as oats, barley, wheat, brown rice and so on are great for starting a healthy diet.

    Be sure to include raw vegetables, such as vegetable salads, cooked greens, and yellow vegetables. Potatoes include carbohydrates, so use this type of food in moderation, and avoid putting butter or sour cream on the potato.

    Fruit is another source of healthy foods. Citrus fruits should be consumed at least three times per day if possible. The expense of fruit nowadays if outrageous, so try to find produces that are inexpensive, and healthy: Fruit drinks are not considered a part of the diet. In fact, the USDA advises us not to drink a lot of fruity drinks.

    Peas and beans are a great source of protein
    Protein should be used only in moderation. If you prefer meats, be sure the meats are lean and low in fat. “Low-fat, low-cholesterol animal protein” has Vitamin B12, and should be consumed and included in your diet at least once per week.

    This is only a few details to help you get started on your journey to live longer and stay healthy while feeling younger, but it is important that you don’t forget to include exercise into your plan.

    Fitness and Exercise includes Nutrition
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    Fitness leads to exercise and nutrition
    In fact, you cannot keep fit if you do not exercise or abide by a nutritious diet plan. Fitness can take you to many places in life, but more specifically to good health. At one time people walked to keep fit and called it their exercise for the day. Nowadays, millions of people are joining fitness and health programs where they participate in Yoga, weight lifting, aerobics, kick boxing, and other types of exercises. (New Year Resolutions)

    Some of the most popular exercises today are aerobics and karate. Most health centers offer a variety of exercises to choose from, yet few health clubs ever talk about diet and nutrition. The larger exercising rooms offer loads of exercising equipment to the gym members; again, although the business is large they often fail to talk about diet and nutrition, which is a part of fitness and health.

    Another part of fitness and exercise includes the face.
    What does Facial Exercises Toning Include?
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    As we grow, wrinkles and crows-feet grow around the eye area, forehead, neck and so forth. Machines, creams, toners, and other natural care products can work to prevent wrinkles while decreasing facial fatty according to many.
    Gels are sometimes the best solution for reducing wrinkles and restoring the face area to a youthful and healthy glow.

    However, the gels differ, therefore before deciding which gels is best for your skin, you will need to make sure the Gels purchased does not have chemicals that will harm your skin.

    Hemorrhoid creams and ointments may do the same good as some expensive creams, give it a try.
    Hemorex Hemorrhoid Cream With Applicator Natural and Effective Rapid Pain Relief – Extra Strength – Tube 1oz

    Pampering your face randomly, could lead to wrinkles, especially if you use products that harm the skin. Consistency is a great policy and procedure. Continuing to protect the skin will make room for healthy, fresh looking skin, while reducing wrinkles.


    bodmi NEW Cinderella Cream – Anti-wrinkle Functional Cream, Promoting Skin Elasticity & Revitalization

    Masks employed tighten the skin about the face area, supposedly making the skin healthier while preventing wrinkles.
    Facial masks and gels designed by Mary Kay are some of the better products. The products are not made from animal fatty as many other products are. There are no chemicals in the products that could hurt your skin.

    Protective creams are sometimes good products, which help to keep your skin healthy and in tone while helping to reduce wrinkle. Some of the methods and products swarming the marketplace offer continuous resolution for wrinkle reduction, and according to many each of the products offer more than the other product does.

    Facial Flex is different, since it provides tools, remedies, and solutions, which make the skin healthier, shinier, and helps to reduce wrinkling caused from aging.

    Facial machines help to enhance skin and reduce wrinkles, preventing the wrinkles from developing. The facial machines have specially designed “pair of gloves.” The machines include creams, which are employed to massage the face. The process helps to reduce wrinkles while enhancing the face and skin.

    Facial toning exercises extend to pulling of the skin. Utilizing the mechanical gloves and applying the creams (lotions, gels, et cetera), will help eliminate wrinkling of the facial area.
    Lines at the curves of the eyes are known as crowfeet. Crowfeet form around the eye area, accumulating from aging, narrowing the eyes, smoking, and excessive exposure of the sun. The apparent resolution is to avoid tanning beds, sun lamps, smoking and usual sun. Body weight can cause fat of the face, however if you continue to exercise daily you can avoid the unnecessary aging and deterioration of the skin.

    Baby fat is widespread, thus using toners exercise equipment will help reduce the fat. Exercises include massaging the face area, wiggling the ears, moving the mouth in spherical motion, and so forth. Facial muscles lose tone when the area or muscles become too tight or too loose. Eating is one of the exercises for reductions, but eating unhealthy foods, such as fatties, saturated foods and are not, the better exercises to tone the face. Understanding all the details is the only solution available for toning and keeping the face healthy and youthful.

    Ingredients for Poor Health Including Green Tea
    If you suffer from infections or bacterial problems, (I would also bank on allergies after reading more into green tea history), then Green Tea can help prevent symptoms providing you are exercising and working toward fitness.
    One advantage of including Green Tea into your diet and exercise scheme is that it can help prevent “Tooth Decay.” Green Tea’s “bacteria-destroying” capabilities reduce tooth decaying since it ministers to “the immune system with its anti-fungal properties by improving” the “digestive system.”

    Green Tea was originated “from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant.” Another advantage of including Green Tea in your diet is that the liquid drink helps prevent cavities. Imagine the money you could save by including;

    Green Tea in your diet every day
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    Green Tea ingredients combine EGCG with certain enzymes (DHFR-Dihydrofolate Reductase) to prevent cancer cells. Since Green Tea originated from leaves that are “steamed,” this helps in the prevention of “EGCG compound from being oxidized.” Oolong and black “tea leaves are not made from fermented leaves, which converts the EGCG into other compounds,” that help fight cancel, infections, bacteria, arthritis, and other health issues.
    So then, the Green Tea is the preferred choice to include in diets and exercise. Studies have shown that drinking at least 2 cups of Green Tea per day can help reduce health risks, as well as help with the process of weight loss.
    Studies have also shown that combining caffeine with “green tea extract” helps burn calories, which enhances exercises that also burn calories. Researchers have found that drinking Green Tea offers an optimistic future for your health; however, you must not consider Green Tea as a source of the supernatural. Green Tea has been around for nearly five thousand years, and today its popularity is growing, estimating to be the second most favored beverage in households today.
    Green Tea has three different flavors to offer, such as Oolong and Black Tea. The downside however is that Green Tea is fermented, while the other drinks are not. So therefore, if you are looking for health advantages, the Green Tea is in your best interest. Still, you must exercise and eat proper foods to stay healthy.
    History Briefed
    It is said that an Emperor from China was boiling water, and some leaves fell into his pot, which brought forth Green Tea. “Buddhist monks” began “growing” Green Tea “around” their “monasteries,” and “later during the Ming Dynasty,”
    Green Tea was traded to the “upper share in the state economy and the “Tea and Horse Bureau” was then set up to supervise the tea trade. It is amazing that if this is true how one accident could save so many lives, or rather lower the risks of health problems. If we all drank Green Tea as part of our diet while sticking to exercises, we might lower our medical bills, take less risks in weight loss, and save on so many other expenses.
    Bigelow Green Tea, 40-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)
    Since nearly five thousand years ago, Green Tea has benefited Chinese families, and thankful for the Chinese discovery we now have the advantage of reducing health risks, losing weight, and enjoying a good taste at the same time. I do not particular care for any type of tea myself, but after reading more into Green Tea and its history and benefits, I will be going to the supermarket.
    Green Tea was first introduced to the market as a medicine and herb, but the more it was used, scientist and medical experts found that it could benefit people even if the person was not ill.
    Thus, exercise, diet and green tea may be the ultimate answer to fitness. Exercises are an essential part of our lives. We need exercises to promote movement of the body while strengthening the bones and muscles. Diet is another part of staying fit. If the body has its requirements fitness is not out of reach regardless of what your health condition is. Finally, if you have poor health, start drinking green tea, go on a diet your body can handle and exercise often.

    Carbohydrate Diet
    Does the Carbohydrate diet plan work? To answer swiftly we can sum it up with a big fat no. The body requires a lot more than carbohydrates to work properly. The body requires exercise, protein, fats, sugars, grains, and other nutrient elements to make it work properly. These days’ scores of people are going on Carbohydrate Diets believing that it is a fraction of the solution for upholding quality health, while staying fit. In fact, some people believe it is the only solution.
    However, as the years’ progress, losing or maintaining weight becomes difficult and health begins to show tale signs of negligence. During our growing years, the body alters along the way. Sometimes when a person grows, the body requires more than average, and will often crave different provisions. The body weakens during the aging process, and most times tires out sooner.
    During the youthful days, it is essential to exercise and eat proper provisions to avert aging, and promote health while reducing the risk of illnesses. It is also important to avoid alcohol and drugs, or other harmful chemicals and substances that affect the body. Carbohydrate diets often lead to unhealthy living, since overtime the weight fluctuates and is harder to maintain.
    While genetics play a role in health, including weight, it does not factor into what the body requires to stay healthy. In other words, if you are eating only carbohydrate provisions and not including other nutrients, the genetics will not make a difference in your health. Genetics is however a factor that determines the shape of the body, the weight, illnesses, and so on.
    As we grow, the hormones affect the changes of the body radically. Carbohydrates are said by few experts to be one of the leading diet plans that promote health while losing weight. Yet, without exercise, any diet plan will not work to its fullest capacity. When a person adheres to carbohydrates without including exercise or other nutrients the body requires, as they grow they will experience headaches, dizziness, hunger and other symptoms.
    Innovative researches conducted in the past few years’ discovered that Carbohydrate diets can gradually make a person eat uncontrollably. Addicts of CARB diets are often perceptive according to few experts, since the rich provisions composing only CARB nutrients, lead to unhealthy living. Often the person endures unwarranted weight gain, which affects the body.
    CARB comprise of sugar and starch. At the time it is digested, it goes to the intestines, which eventually lands in the insulin hormone and flows throughout the bloodstream.

    Experts recently reported that the hormone insulin is one of the key elements that factor our weight loss or gain, and determines if disease are at high risk. The body must produce a steady level of insulin, before the body can work properly. As the body ages, insulin levels diminish the ability to produce other elements the body requires, such as chromium. Chromium is vital to insulin levels. Thus, confining self to CARB diets will only decrease the body’s capabilities of controlling insulin, chromium, and other important nutrients the body requires to remain healthy.
    The body demands movement to function properly. If the body is not in motion, it will gradually break. The muscles control the body’s cells, tendons, nerves, bones, heart valve, and so on. If exercise is not part of the plan to stay fit, the muscles will gradually fail. The muscles control movement, heart valves, fingers, skeletal, legs, feet, and other parts of the body. If the muscles are weak, then the CARB diet is only diminishing your health.
    As you can see, a diet should include protein, carbohydrates, fat, sugars, and other nutrients to remain healthy. Likewise, the body requires exercise ongoing to work toward reducing risks of illness, maintaining weight, and keeping fit without cease.
    It is imperative to stick to a diet plan, but it is just as vital to work out. Before starting any diet plan or exercise make sure, you seek advice from your medical practitioner. Seeking his/her, advice will help you to avoid complications while starting exercises and diet plans. If your doctor tells you that CARB diets are idea, ask him/her about the nutrients the body requires, including fat, protein, and so on.

    Cholesterol Fat
    What does cholesterol and fat have to do with exercise and fitness? Many people assume that cholesterol is fat, nevertheless cholesterol is not a fat, and rather it is allied with fat. The body has both of these elements, and if there is, a deficiency or increase of one or the other, or even both it can affect exercise and fitness.

    Cholesterol is varies of dense alcohol steroids, known as ’sterol.’ Cholesterol is widely dispersed through plant lipids and animal meats. The substance is in wax form rather than in fat form. Cholesterol allies with fat, since cholesterol will not liquefy while touching blood plasmas or water. The body requires a level of cholesterol. The liver produces cholesterol in the larger quantity. The bile acids that help us to digest foods and liquids, and producing hormone steroids, including progesterone and GLUCOCORTICOID, require cholesterol production.
    Thus, aerobics work with the cardiovascular muscles, which is important since increased levels or decreased levels of cholesterol can lead to problems, including ATHEROSCLEROSIS. The disease affects the heart, and is sometimes known as the Coronary Artery Disease. Thus, these arteries are the smallest cells in the blood, and they function to feed the heart’s valve. Too much cholesterol then, will affect the heart, by hardening the arteries or narrowing the arties path line to the blood. Furthermore, excessive cholesterol will enlarge prostrates, since it converts to a form of crystal. Thus, cholesterol can cause artery disease if it reaches the heart and builds up excessively. The buildup of plaque reaching the bloodstream, affects the flow of blood, since it builds up forms of crystal while decreasing the flow of blood.
    Excessive use of cholesterol narrows the arteries, and only trickles of blood flow through the veins and other areas of the body, which flows to the heart. This is why people have major heart attacks in some instances. This is also, why it is vital that aerobic exercises are entered into your life plans, coupled with adequate diet plans.

    Collagen, cholesterol and fat make up the plague in the arteries. At what time the buildup occurs, the vessels are closed or isolated, and the tissues become reliant on blood flow, which leads to death of the arteries. Thus, higher levels of cholesterol starve the mind and body, and merely lead to strokes since the brain starves for oxygen, which is obsolete to a large degree and can lead to myocardial infarction. To determine your level of cholesterol add one hundred to your current age. Your doctor can also tell you the level of your cholesterol.

    Lipoproteins are a substance in the body that carries cholesterol. If the lips are affected, cardiovascular problems arise, including disease. Pockets of fat are formed when VLDL or “very low density Lipoproteins” transfer from the liver a substance known as TRIGLYCERIDES. Generally, when a person eats too many sweets, fatty foods, or consumes too much alcohol the Lipoproteins are affected negatively. Thus, lips must meet a required level to maintain good health. HDL levels of Lipoprotein is essential for maintaining health, since the high dense lips level will clear superfluous residues of cholesterol, clearing it from the tissues, and sending the remains back to the liver where it is then secreted.

    Now if you are still wondering what cholesterol and fat has to do with exercise and fitness, consider the body’s requirements is a demand for staying fit and healthy.

    Insulin also plays a part in fitness and exercise. When a person exercises and eats healthy foods, the body’s level of insulin remains constant. If the body is lacking certain nutrients or has higher levels of particular nutrients, such as cholesterol and fat, thus the body’s insulin is also affected.

    Therefore, learning what your body needs, what your body houses, and what exercises are best for your body is essential to reaching fitness and health.
    The human body is never easy to understand. Yet, if we learn to understand our individual body, we have a chance to learn what is right for us, as well as learning how to stay healthy while exercising and eating right.
    Maintained Fitness and Stayed Healthy
    Upholding Fitness while exercising can help with concerns such as:

    Anti-Aging, Weight Loss, Bones, Brain, and other issues that we face everyday… For example, your brain needs food too. If you are putting sugar and starches into your body, you are feeding your brain. Likewise, if you are putting any overuse of fats, calories, cholesterol, carbohydrates, or harmful substances, chemicals, foods, and so on into your body, your brain is affected… If your brain isn’t working right, then your body likewise will fall short of your expectations.

    If you are not exercising and eating healthy, then you can suffer bone deterioration, mental illnesses, chemical imbalances, aging, diabetes, and so many more health related issues that can gradually lead to death. Health and fitness is more serious than many realize. If you are not concerned about your health or fitness, then this is the wrong article for you to be reading; but I am not one of those people that take my health and fitness lightly. I don’t go out and over exert myself, but I include some type of activity into my daily schedule. To help you see the importance of fitness and health, I am going to break down some medical issues so that you can see where negligence can lead.

    Statistics has shown that one of the widespread causes of death is linked to “anorexia heart failure,” and the widespread cause of death for “rupturing in the intestinal area as well as heat failure,” is bulimia. I endured both of these eating disorders, and I am amazed that I don’t suffer more problems that what I do now.

    When we don’t’ eat right, including forcing anorexia and bulimia on our bodies, our internal and external body parts suffer. I can’t stress enough how important it is for individuals to eat healthy. If you believe that not eating for days can help you loose weight then you are off balance. Sure, you might reduce your weight but you are killing your body and brain.

    Most people are unaware that eating three meals per day in moderation can help them maintain weight, as well as lose weight. Eating right is part of your health and fitness plan, and if you don’t know what you should do, the Internet, library, specialists, and other pieces of information are available to help you learn. Most of the information is free, so there is no excuses why you are not eating right, except that you are misinformed or simply don’t care.
    Bones are a part of our internal body that enables us to walk, run, sit, stand, and lift, and so on. When our bones are neglected because we are not exercising, then our bones are subject to deterioration, breaks, fractures, and so on. If on the other hand we are taking care of our body, then our bones will respond accordingly and walking, running, lifting, standing will not be a chore, but rather an enjoyable task.

    Brain: Most people ask what the brain has to do with our body. Well the quick answer to that question is the brain is the core of our body. The brain has all our neuron, cells, and other components that make the bodywork. If your brain is not receiving proper nutrient, exercise, and so on, then your body will suffer.

    If you take a walk for example, your brain is recording this information. Similar to a computer, our brain takes in all data, activities, hardware, and so on and puts it in its proper perspective. If your brain is trained to a time where you are expected to walk as a part of your fitness and health, then your brain will trigger you when it is time for you to walk.

    On the other hand, if you are a couch potato, then your brain has no data to send, and therefore you will sit on a couch for hours, without activities, other than common worries and stress. That’s right, if you are not exercising your chances of stress and worries are increased.

    Therefore, put that body and mind to work and start your routine excise now to preserve your health.

    Joint Exercise Preventing Arthritis
    Arthritis is an ‘inflammation of’ the ‘joints’ and affects millions each year. The reason arthritis often affects the body is because it does not get the proper exercises needed to maintain a level of fitness. As we grow older, the chances of arthritis can increase, so exercise is essential for keeping our joints strong and healthy. Many exercises can benefit the joints, but for the most part, stretches are great for eliminating pain and strengthening joints.

    Bicycling is a great exercise that can strengthen the joints. Walking, jogging, dance, and other ‘weight-bearing’ exercises generally strengthen the bones, but cycling is ‘gentle on the joints’ making it easy for all age groups to exercise with ease.

    Stretching is one of the better sources of exercises for ‘strengthen’ the ‘joints.’ Stretching exercises keep us flexible and reduces pain of the body. Stretch exercises provide us the best results when we stretch every day.
    One example of a great stretch exercise is lying on your back in a comfortable area, with your legs extended at length and your arms above your head extended at length. Hold this position for a few minutes and relax. Repeat the exercise until you feel your body’s pain decrease. Doing this type of exercise two or three, times per day can reduce body pain.

    Static stretch exercises often focus to support the chest area of the body. The exercise procedure requires us to stand in a straight position with our ‘feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.’ The knees should be bent slightly, while our arms are stretched out ‘to the side parallel and the palms of the hand facing forward.” Once in position stretch the arms as far back ‘as possible.’

    To stretch your biceps stand in position with your ‘feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.” Keep your knees bent slightly, ‘hold’ the ‘arms out to the side parallel’ to the floor, and face the palms of your hands onward. Begin to “rotate the hands,’ with the palms of your hands facing ‘the rear,’ stretching the ’arms back.’

    The upper backstretches require that you stand in position with your feet at a slight distance apart ‘than shoulder-width, while the knees are bent slightly. Intertwine the fingers and then ‘push your hands as far away from’ the chest area ‘as feasible. Allow the ‘upper back’ area to relax while in position.

    To stretch the shoulders stand in position with your ‘feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.’ With the knees bent slightly take our right arm and place it across your chest area, keeping your arm in a ‘parallel position pointing toward the floor. With your left arm extended up, use the ‘left forearm to ease the right arm closer to’ the chest area. Repeat the procedure on each arm.

    To stretch the shoulder area and biceps stand in position with the ‘feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Bend the knees slightly and situate ’both hands above’ the ’head.” Slide both the hands descending, reaching the middle of the spinal column area. Repeat until you feel your body ease.

    Side bends are great for strengthening the bones. To begin stand in position with the ‘feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart,” keeping the knees bent slightly while resting the hands on your hips; Slowly bend your body to one side, then upwards in position again, and proceed on the other side.

    Be sure to keep the body from leaning forward or backwards for best results. To stretch the stomach and lower part of the back area, rest your body flat on the floor. Once in position, elevate the body from the floor, supporting the body with the toes and forearms only. Make sure your elbows are touching the floor and pointing ‘directly below’ the ‘shoulders.’ “Your forearms and hands should be resting on the’ floor, ‘pointing straight ahead.’ Keep your ‘toes and feet’ at ‘shoulder-width apart, while holding your “head in line with’ the ‘spine.” After you have positioned yourself, ‘contract’ the butt muscles and hold the contract for about ‘ten seconds.’

    Next, you will ‘lift’ the ‘right arm’ from the floor, and ‘straighten’ the arm pointing it toward the ceiling over the head, and hold for ‘10 seconds.” After you have returned to your position ‘repeat’ the procedure ‘with the left arm’ and then return to your position, lifting the ‘right leg’ from the floor while holding it for 10 seconds. It is important to keep the back in a straight position. Stretch exercises are said to be one of the great sources for strengthening joints.

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