I Have The Strength To Say No

The Best Is Yet To Come

Being assertive has everything to do with the strength to say no. You have to be confident in yourself and be brave. Have the courage to put your feelings first, if the situation constitutes that being the right thing to do. Start with some confidence building affirmations and progressively you’ll recognize more and more that you’re able to stand up straight and say no.
You have to start liking, have respect for yourself and feel that you’re worthy. The criticisms or rejections that you received from your parents, teachers and those bullies when you were a kid should now be relinquished and dumped. It was then and this is now. Change the way you think, see and feel about yourself. Naturally your loyal inner voice will tell you to get real. Take over and tell it to “be quiet” and replace those critics with positive affirmations.
Here are a couple affirmations that you will be able to use.
1. I choose to forgive everybody.
2. I choose to make it easy for me and be self confident.
3. I choose to let go of weight from the past and to be courageous.
4. I choose to feel open to expressing myself and know that others see
me that way too.
5. I choose to take pride in myself.
6. I choose to feel desirable.
7. I choose to have high self esteem
8. I choose to adore myself.

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