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I Can Overcome Stress

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I Can Overcome Stress, you will to

Stress is a terribly unpleasant feeling. There are many techniques for relieving stress but some of these just treat the symptom. Creative visualization and affirmations has the advantage not only can it relieve the stress but it can also solve the issue causing the stress. The success of creative visualization and affirmations has been validated by many scientific studies and it’s even used to help with medical conditions.



To perform creative visualization and affirmations you must first relax your mind and body. Either sit in a straight back chair or lie down. Close your eyes and imagine each muscle of your body relaxing from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. While imagining, take slow, deep, even breaths, inhaling through and out through your nose with your mouth closed. In order to free yourself from stress you have to learn how to deal with it better. You have to look at the root causes of stress in your life and, while you may not be able to get rid of these, you can alter your attitude towards them. Affirm the way you think. Change it through affirmations and creative visualization.
Using specific methods you are able to retrain your body and mind to handle both underlying cause and symptoms. Through identifying your Type A behaviors you are able to learn how to manage them. The result? A longer, happier, healthier life. The kind of serenity that’s priceless

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