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I Can Make My Body Strong

We know that mind affects body. Use the affirmations given here during your exercise routine and improve your
results dramatically. It’s no longer a mystery that all top athletes practice affirmations and creative visualization to achieve their potential. Take a look at some affirmations that you are able to use during physical activity. Just as sick thoughts result in a sick body, so do healthy thoughts result in a healthy body. If you’re

Make me strong

Make me strong

going to take part in a marathon, then thoughts like “Oh my, what a great distance!” are absolutely not going to help.

Center on thoughts like:
1. “I can do it.”
2. “Every passing second, the distance is becoming smaller and
3. “My stamina increases with every step I take”
If you’re into body building, then it helps to concentrate on one body
part as you exercise it. The affirmations given below will make my
point clear.
1. “Each day my biceps are growing”
2. “With every crunch (or sit up or whichever exercise that you’re
doing) my abs are getting sharper”
3. “With each press my shoulders are getting more muscular.”
4. “Day-to-day in every way my body is becoming more muscular.”
You will be able to devise your own affirmations on similar lines for
specific body parts.

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