How do you deal with cabin fever?

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How do you deal with cabin fever?

I can say that cabin fever does not have to be in a cabin. On the contrary, cabin fever can take place in any location where you are isolated.

There are so many ways to deal with cabin fever. Ask any older adult you may know. Cabin fever is a psychological discomfort when staying in a place for too long. It is often associated with depression’s symptoms such as sadness, weight fluctuation, restlessness, and sleepiness. As someone with chronic depression,

One way to deal with cabin fever is to take up a sport or an exercise regimen. Editor reflects, “I’ve recently taken up running and experienced exercising outside at near-freezing temperatures. With my nose running and eyes tearing up, I totally get why nobody else is running with me. But it’s still much better than staying indoors and working out to my DVDs.” Furthermore, the writer adds, “Granted, I probably wouldn’t run when there’s snow. Some people do, but not me. Fortunately, there are other things you can do outdoors in the snow. Take up a winter sport, build snowmen with your kids, and make snow angels.”

It is all about attitude, then. You have to move outside. I personally like to walk to get the mail, skip, run, dance. Yes, people stare, but life is too short to worry about people’s opinions.

Living in California is a blessing, especially for those who worry about cabin fever. “The lack of exposure to

A Team-Mate Is A Must
A Team-Mate Is A Must + vitamin “D”
sunlight causes a chemical imbalance in our brains. This is what leads to cabin fever and, when severe, clinical depression.

The easiest way to make sure you still get plenty of sunshine is to open blinds and curtains. Work beside a window.”

And if the sun is not around, what matters is that you move. Try to spend your time moving your body in a positive manner. Do not sit for too long, lounge and hunch over.

Instead, “We already talked above about engaging in activities outdoors. However, even when you’re snowed in, it’s still a good idea to keep active. Remove the clothes that are hanging on your treadmill and use the machine the way it was intended to be used. If you have them, now’s the time to use those exercise DVDs.

Or set up a small home gym with weights, exercise bands, and a stability ball. Avoid passive activities, such as watching TV or surfing the ‘net all day. In fact, I would recommend you spend no more time in front of your computer than what’s necessary for you to complete your freelancing work.”

And finally, remember to make your indoors reflect your inner positivity. “Just because it’s cold and dreary outside doesn’t mean it needs to be the same inside your house. Put out your Christmas decorations and lights. Use bright colors on curtains, pillows and other soft furnishings.

Take out the most luxurious beddings you have. While you’re at it, why not buy a diffuser to make your house smell of lavender, peppermint and jasmine? These are just some of the essential oils that are considered uplifting and help address depression.”

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