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Dog Walking Riches

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Dog Walking Riches

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If you’d like to seriously make as much as $100-$500 a day with your own dog walking business (I’ve also helped DOZENS of people all over the world create their own successful dog walking businesses too!) you need to put your NAME and EMAIL address HERE

You’ll see actual PROOF of my own dog walking business that nets me $3500-$4000 a week! (and guess what… I no longer walk the dogs myself, and you can do that too!)

Dog Walking Riches
$$$$<<–Dog Walking Riches–>>$$$$ Most dog walkers make less than $10 an hour. But if you know a few secrets you can easily make upwards of $500 working the hours you want.

You’ll learn little advertising trick you can use to DOUBLE your income in a few days!

You’ll discover how to hire OTHER people to walk the dogs and still make 80% of the money!

I’ll show you the single BIGGEST mistake people make in this business and why it’s costing them THOUSANDS of dollars…

You’ll see the EASIEST and FASTEST way to get started in less than a week… PLUS! The BEST way to get clients! (This strategy I only started using a few months ago– gets me about THREE TIMES the amount of clients I used to get!)

And so so so much more!

If you’d like to learn the secrets above… PLUS! everything else I’ve learnt in running my own dog walking business for the past few years…

Just leave your name and email address and we’ll be in touch immediately

First you’ll get the Dog Walking Riches A-Z Startup Course manuals which cover…
How to start your dog walking home business for less than $50 — These powerful secrets will save you a fortune.

An insider prospective on how to make hundreds walking dogs and separate yourself from the cheap $9 an hour dog walkers — trust me when you do this, you’re prospects will pay almost any fee!

How to figure out exactly what your clients want with this powerful “interview” strategy.

The 5 Most common mistakes people make around dogs — you’ll discover how to quickly become a “natural” around animals and earn their trust.

The MUST KNOW Guide to dealing with five of the most common encounters in the business — You’ll save hours of stress and worry.

How to get a Professional Site made for less than $100 — You’ll be able to show up whenever someone searches for a dog walker in your area, and I’ll show you how!

Powerful Marketing Secrets — You’ll see exactly how to pump out money making marketing which fills your schedule sheet and costs virtually nothing.

How to use the power of blogging to make thousands as a dog walker.

And so much more…

Plus you get the manuals in their audio version too so that you can burn them to a CD, load them to your iPod or other type of mp3 player and you can listen to what’s covered in the manuals no matter where you’re at!

Not only that, but you’ll also get…
… Several $40,000+ A Year Dog Walkers Reveal Their Personal Blueprint To Success…
This is where things get interesting…

I went out and interviewed several super successful dog walking business owners, and they revealed exactly how they are getting lucrative clients, how to work less and make more money as well as the fastest ways to get started.

There are hours and hours of powerful content here, and it’s available nowhere else!

You’ll learn things like…
Exactly what they did when they started their business. Information on business license, permits, etc are discussed, so you know how to make sure your businesss is setup correctly.

An overview of what their day to day activities are… This will give you an insiders view to what other successful dog walking busiess owners do each day, and incorporate some of those things into your business.

First hand advice from those who have been there and done that in the dog walking business industry. Many tips, work arounds, and “what to avoids” are all laid out for you!

Easy ways to keep track of your clients and their dogs. Knowing who walks where and when, and what other services they get can be tricky to keep up with. Learn how others are successfully keeping organized, so you can do the same.

And so so so much more!

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