Chapter 7: Promoting Health

Promoting Health

Chapter 7: Promoting Health

Some of the advertisement slicks claim that supplements can help build strong bones, while supporting health. The fact is, most #supplements, recently were found to not have half the ingredients it claims to have.

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Thus, supplements are merely a pill with a price in most instances. The only way you are truly going to build strong bones and stay health is applying fitness and exercise to your life. The advertisements you often see are slicks that pull the wool over your eyes, tricking you into believing that you do not need to do exercises or a adhere to a diet. If you have a diet system that works with your individual body, and an exercise scheme that builds bones, pills are unnecessary.

In order to feel decent and remain healthy the bones require motivation, support of the body, while working out daily. The body is a fundamental work-shop we want to take care of to the highest aptitude.

The respiratory system and lungs supply the oxygen the body requires for breathing normally. Bones are ndispensable, to endorse the lungs and respiratory arrangement. If exercising does not exist, the body will gradually deteriorate. Furthermore, if you are not exercising to strengthening the bones, then the oxygen intensity is pretentious.

Consequently, aerobics is one of the better choices, since it influences and promotes oxygen. In fact, the expression aerobics derived from oxygen.

Many kinds of exercises boost the body’s oxygen level and strengthening the bones, but the top respond is consider the body type to discover which exercise and diet plan is right for you. If you want to gain weight, the muscles and bones still require strengthen, so consequently put into practice exercises that work to develop muscle.

The body comes in many shapes, sizes and forms, in spite of what shape, form and size you have, exercise is central to keep the bones robust and in good physical shape.

Exercise then promotes health and fitness. Now you ask how fitness bonds with the bones. Exercises are indispensable, since it promotes health and strong bones.

Exercise makes the body feel good, while decreasing the aging progression. Exercise helps people to gain weight, lose weight, perk up health, trim down the risk of illness, while supporting the mind so it functions appropriately.

Some people want to gain weight, still exercise is central. At what time the body is neglected, it has an effect on the cells, bones, tissues, mind, and muscles. It is vital then to plan exercise and diet plans that you can stick with.

To start exercises it is important to take it slow at first. Therefore, working the body up to 30 minutes of receptive exercise is a start. A number of the finest exercises that work to strengthen the bones are the ‘weight-bearing’ workouts. Weight bearing composes the right movements to burn fat, increase the bones and oxygen abilities, and so on. Some of the weight-bearing movements include, jogging, tennis, weight lifts, stair climb, walking, dance, hiking, and so on.

If you are heavy, then you may want to begin a workout routine starting with walking on a daily basis. You will commence to lose weight.

The concentrated workouts can advantage the body to a much deeper level. To build up the bones and muscles, working up to aerobics and weights is great. As you steadily expose the body to health, once you get into a practice, you want to boost the power of the workouts.

The bones are a critical part of the body. The bones help us to sit, stand, run, jump, and ride a bicycle and so on. If the bones are interrupted or weakened due to lack of exercise the bones can break, fracture, spring, become subject to disease and so. The diseases include heart failures, strokes, and so on.

With this in mind, if you are still asking why strengthen the bones you probably do not see a need for exercise which puts you at a high risk of disease and suffering. It is important to adhere to fitness and exercise to stay healthy.

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Finding Weight

Losing Weight leads people to believe that going on a diet to lose weight is the ultimate choice; however many are unaware that exercise is needed to support their body’s needs. If you diet to lose weight, you are not building muscle, burning fat, or enhancing your brain’s functional capabilities.

At what time you exercise you are feeding the brain, which in turns processes to the body. Doctor George Johnson at Washington University points out some confusion that is often made when people are attempting to lose weight, which I found interesting. The market is swarming with dieting tips, help, and plans to help people take off a few pounds. I often wondered about the plans, since each diet service has its own idea of what meals a person should eat to lose weight.
Thus, Doctor George Johnson says, “The fundamental fallacy of the Atkins diet, the Zone diet and indeed of all fad diets is the idea that somehow carbohydrate calories are different from fat and protein calories.” The body’s metabolism decreases when a person loses weight and increases when person gains weight. Therefore, the problem is Metabolism rather than calories and fats. When a person eats food that is geared to reduce calories and fat, it slows your metabolism, so therefore the person would also have to exercise to lose weight, build metabolism, burn calories and fat. When you include exercise in your diet plan, your body will need time to adjust. Therefore, when you are starting exercise it is important that you understand your body and its limits.
The best plan I found was to work out slowly at first. Be sure to do stretch exercises to adjust your muscles before you break out into a productive workout. Dieters should start out gradually and then build up to a productive full-body workout. Working out three times a week is the best possible solution for losing weight. Exercise should include aerobics (walking, jogging, et cetera). Aerobic means “with oxygen,” and the exercise works “the cardiovascular system,” that “includes heart, lungs, and blood vessels.”
Aerobics increases your oxygen level; at the same time, it involves the use of large muscles, which in turns “improves your level of fitness.” After you get used to working out it becomes easier, and you feel better. You will discover your weight differences in a few weeks. Weight lifting on the other hand works to build muscle mass, while you lose fat.
Weights are great, but you should be aware that if you do not continuing working out with weights once you start, your body will flab and deteriorate, as you grow older. If you are only trying to lose weights, it is advisable to combine mild weight lifting with aerobics at least three times a week. When you first start out you should workout fifteen minutes per set, and gradually work up to a full-schedule workout, which usually lasts 30 minutes or longer, depends on you and your body. Now you can look into dieting. If you are doing aerobics and weight lifting, you should learn what nutritious meals could assist you in your weight loss program.

Green Tea is an excellent source for those of us that want to lose weight. Green Tea combined with caffeine is proven by medical experts to help reduce calories. Not only will it help you lose weight, it will also reduce your risks of cancer, arthritis, and other health related issues. One should also avoid consuming red meats, or eating too much meat. If you enjoy meats, then you should set a day aside that you will not eat meat.
In addition, you could add fish to your diet, as well as other healthy produces that will benefit you and help in your dieting plan. Hamburger is enjoyed by most people, but hamburger can cause weight gain. Avoiding meals that are cooked in grease then is another solution for losing weight. Cutting off the fat on meat, and broiling, boiling, or cooking them in water on top of the stove can reduce the calorie and fat intake. Dieters should be aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Bagels, toast, or a light breakfast is always good, and will not affect your diet if you eat in moderation.
The Role of Hormones – Steroids
Some of us are unaware how hormones and steroids play a role in physical health and fitness. Some of us believe that the hormones are a negative tool that God provided us, and when the hormones act up, others reap the results. The fact is hormones are essential to physical health, while steroids are also essential, steroids can become hazardous. Hormones and steroids can be maintained by the foods we eat.
While the body produces a degree of its own steroids, steroids are dangerous to digest. Many body builders will use steroids to pump up the muscles.

The key to success is that hormones and steroids need to remain at a stable level. There are a couple of ways to tell if your hormones are not at a normal level. In addition, we are going to talk about hormones primarily, since steroids are a necessity, yet a thing that we should put in the back of our minds for a moment. If you are overweight, then your hormones are off balance. On the other hand, if you are underweight, your hormones can be off balance. If you want to get a balanced hormone level, you should eat foods that include carbohydrates, protein, and fats, just don’t overdo it.
Carbohydrates should be consumed since they “stimulate insulin,” while ‘protein affects the hormone glucagons.” Fat influences the Eicosanoids, which are a form of hormones produced in the body. Insulin is similar to the hormones, in the sense that if insulin is high or low, your body is affected negatively. Insulin is the “storage hormone” that informs the body when nutrients are entering. If your insulin level is insufficient, your cells are starving to death, while if your insulin level is higher than normal, it can increase weight and the process of aging. This is why you should avoid eating too many carbohydrates, but at the same time, makes sure you consume enough to keep you healthy. You can also consume too many calories. Calories if over consumed will “increase insulin levels.”
Thus, the insulin determines the weight as well as other factors. Therefore, if you are exercising to lose weight, it is important to understand what your body requires to keep afloat.

Calories produce insulin, but if there is nowhere for the insulin to store the calories, it is soon turned into “fat” and eventually “sent” to “your hips, stomach, or other problem areas for storage.” Diabetes begins when a person consumes too much of one nutrient. (There are other factors that contribute to diabetes, but when the insulin passage is blocked, diabetes is a risk) When the insulin in the body cannot store foods, and sends it to fat, then the insulin is stumped and blocks “the release of any stored body fat for energy.” Now if you want to know why you can’t lose weight, well here is your answer. Now if you are consuming protein in moderation, then you creating a source that is stimulating “the release of Glucagons.” Glucagons is a protein hormone that produces by islets of Langerhans, and promotes at the same time rising sugar substance of the blood; by increasing the rate of glycogen breakdown in the liver; which if the body has improper nutrients, then your body is in big trouble. If you Glucagons level are not stable, you will not only suffer from fatigue, but you will also feel hungry constantly.
Insulin then works with Glucagons acting as a balance, and when “one hormone goes up, and then the other hormone goes down.” Combing carbohydrates with protein in moderation can help you maintain a stable Glucagons level. While fat has no links to insulin in one way, it has a link in other ways.
Climbing the stairs to fitness must include the proper nutrients to remain healthy, yet exercise once more is the ultimate combination that mixes with dieting that must be included in any plan for it to work. For more information visit the net where a wealth of information is available for you on Fitness and Exercise, including tools that will help you to decide which exercises and diets are right for you.

Reducing Stress

Reducing Stress with Fitness and exercise: Stress is linked to lack of Fitness and exercise activities. At what time a person avoids fitness and exercise the brain is affected, and stress is usually the result.
Laughter, Fitness, and Exercise: Did you know that statistics show that people who take care of themselves laugh more than those people that do not care for their health and body?
Avoid Meat as a Diet: Avoiding meat as part of your diet can help you reduce body fat, cholesterol, and so much more, according to few experts. However, the body requires cholesterol, carbohydrate, proteins, fat, and other elements to maintain good health. Before deciding on a diet make sure, you understand what your body requires before adhering to any diet.
Sleep, Health and Fitness: Statistics has shown that people who lose sleep will affect them, even if they are exercising, eating right, and taking vitamins. Thus, sleep is essential to reduce stress whether you are exercising and dieting or not. If the body does not receive the amount of sleep it requires then the body will show signs of suffering. New studies claim that the average person may require ten hours of sleep; however, throughout my years’ I’ve learnt that the body is factored by the person. Your body will let you know what it needs, and your body knows more of what it needs than anyone other person in the world.
Weights as a source of Exercise Training: Many people are unaware that when they begin weight training, they must continue, otherwise the body is at risk. It is a fact that if the body starts a routine and stops or else stops and go changes of the body will occur. At what time you begin exercise the body requires a stable routine ongoing, otherwise, you may start gaining and reducing weight, or show other symptoms of negligence.
The fact is all of us need persistence to survive. If we as people do not have goals, plans, schedules and other necessities to keep us going, likely we will swerve along the path of life. The body functions the same as we do. In other words put your body on a schedule and stick with it otherwise don’t blame your body when bad things befall you.
Diet Plans is essential to learn what plans work best for your body. Again, the body will let you know what it needs. You doctor may give you some advice but overall YOUR body is the one that will let you know exactly what it needs. Listen to your body talk so that you will know which direction to go.
If you are diabetes, or suffer, other medical conditions related you know that your body will lead you to problems if you digest loads of sweets.

Stress and stressors are a part of life. We all deal with stress and stressors; however, it is up to us to reduce the stressors, which lead to stress. The body and mind in fact provide you warning signs. If you fail to listen to those sounds, you will never know what your body and mind needs to feel fit.
The marketplace tells us about various types of exercises. WE have the Wall Slide, Dance Aerobics, Boogie Aerobics, Striptease Aerobics, and so on. We have weight training, martial arts and other types of exercise today. All exercises according to few will reduce stress, however the fact is if you are doing the wrong exercises you will add stress to your body. While all exercises offer something to all of us, not all exercises offer what we need individually. At what time you consider exercises make sure you listen to your body, since it will guide you to the path of understanding what is right for you and your body. If you are, starting exercises make sure you learn which diet is a better choice for your body. You will need to keep persistence in dieting and exercising once you start, otherwise the facts listed in this article will prove true in time.
No Substitutes
In recent days, an unusually large amount of advertisements slicks have promoted weight loss drugs on TV. They boast such things as, “lose weight while you sleep,” or, “lose weight without exercise.” As if there were some magic pill somewhere that could convert you into Vanna White or Charles Atlas while you sleep.

The 4 Week Diet

Not only is this notion ridiculous, but as any medical professional will tell you, any pill or drug you take will have some side effects that could be potentially hazardous. As usual, one should always consult their doctor before starting any new medication, or exercise routine. Nevertheless, there is no substitute for fitness and exercise.
Fitness starts with a good diet, which includes lots of fruit, vegetables and fiber in the form of whole-wheat or bran.

I had always believed a good diet was important for many reasons, but like most people, I too, was unaware. That is until I saw a picture of a good friend that I did not recognize. As I knew him, he was a fit 155 pounds, full of energy and confidence. Little did I know he had a fat skeleton in his closet? He showed me a driver’s license photo of himself taken just four years earlier weighing in at a whopping 260 pounds.

My friend began to tell me how he made his transformation. How he started watching his diet and doing exercises at home, bike riding, pull up’s, sit up’s and lifting weights. All this had him down to 190 pounds. Somehow, he couldn’t drop his weight any lower. That is, until he read this article in a health magazine stating how the human body cannot break down sugar that has been bleached or flower. It seems that the body does not recognize the molecule after it has been bleached so it simply stores it as fat.

He began by cutting out all forms of white sugar. Of course, soda pop and suites of all kinds were kept to a minimum. He also began using whole-wheat pasta, bread and serial. He assured me, that it only took one month to lose 30 more pounds. I thought this was good information to have if you wanted to lose just a little weight.

Exercise also played a big role in his weight loss, of course. Many exercises can be done at home for the hard-core enthusiast. Nevertheless, if you’re just an average Joe, like myself. You’re looking for less strenuous ways to get in shape. Like long walks on the beach to flatten your stomach. Alternatively, some yard work to strengthen the back and legs. In addition, for the cardiovascular workout, try some flag football with the kids. It’s a blast. Volleyball is another good way of getting both the cardiovascular workout and working the abdominals. Any exercise in the sand will flatten your stomach. However, if you want to see results in a hurry, then I suggest you take up cross-country skiing. It combines the cardiovascular workout of jogging with the strength building of a stair climber. Watch out, it’s tough but rewarding.

Some benefits that come with fitness and exercise are not obvious, but are still noteworthy. Benefits like, setting goals, and meeting them, building confidence in not only meeting your goals but also staying with your game plan. Set small goals at first. Such as, losing five pounds in the first month and as you meet the smaller goals, you can set your sights on bigger ones for the following months. Either way you look at it, that person in the mirror, will only get better looking as you go. You’ll find that the children don’t wear you out quite as fast and that helping them with their Little League sports suddenly isn’t such an inconvenience. Yes, the psychological benefits are there too, just waiting to be discovered. Besides, when it is all said and done, I’ll bet that you will not want to trade your new body for old.

I have found that not everybody has to work out at Gold’s GYM and looked like a Greek god. We simply should live healthy and be happy. In addition, it seems easier to be happy if you live healthy.

Overcoming Loss of Sleep

Did you know that many people are suffering from loss of sleep? Sleep is essential, not only for getting proper rest, but for functioning properly in our everyday life. We often overexert ourselves in daily schedules and work, which increases the stress level, making it difficult for us to sleep at night. When we are not sleeping well, it can lead, or even be a result of Chronic Sleep Disorders, Insomnia, or other medical related issue.

Some people find reading at night relaxing, while others claim that watching television in bed is a lead to falling asleep at night. Soothing music is also advised when a person has sleeping problems. The problem however is that your sleeping inconsistencies are not going away, since there is no resource for the body to function properly.
Lack of exercise and eating foods that are not healthy has been proven sources that causes sleep issues, including sleep disorders. Overworking is not a good idea. When you overwork yourself, you are only creating stress in your life. I realize life is hard at times, and sometimes we have to do more than we need to, but still we need a balance to function properly.

Few people believe that when they have a job that includes physical activities, that it is a source of exercise. The fact is, in most cases, it is not. Even if you have a job in the concrete or construction industry, it is hard work, but if you are not exercising and eating right, it could affect your sleeping habits, as well as your health.

Some of us require less sleep than, other individuals, but for the most part, we all require at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep to function properly. When we are not getting enough sleep, it affects us both mentally and physically. Lack of sleep affects our ability to stay alert, and process information. It also can cause us to have bouts of memory loss. In addition, it is not wise to work while you are tired. If you lay concrete, or work with heavy equipment, you are putting yourself at risk and possibly putting others at risk. Depression can result from not getting proper rest. It can lead to violent behaviors, or other behaviors that not only affect you, but also affect others.

When you get enough sleep, you feel fresh, and motivated. If you have to consume caffeine to stay awake, you are only hurting your body further. Therefore, to get on the road to sleeping well, you need to divert a plan, set goals, and work hard to achieve them, by reducing your work hours, and increasing your exercise activities, and finding a diet that works for you and your body.

Caffeine (if consumed with consistency) is not a method for getting to sleep, and nor is it a method for taking care of your body. A well-planned diet consists of nutritional produces, liquids, and so on. It is important that you include fruits and vegetables in your diet, so that you are getting the proper vitamins your body requires. Once you have found a great diet that benefits you and your body, you will next need to plan a schedule where you can work out each day. Even if it is only for 10 minutes, at least it is a start. After about a week of dieting and exercising, you will start to notice results.

The results at first may be minor, but in the end, you will see the ultimate results and thank yourself for taking the advice to exercise and diet. It might be wise to include a Multi Vitamin regimen in your plan. In addition, if you consume alcohol you may want to cut back since it too can lead to sleep disorders.
Your REM sleeping stage is affected when you consume alcohol, and you do not get the proper rest you would, if you were not drinking. Alcohol also affects the liver, and the body. If you consume a lot of alcohol, it causes weight gain in some cases. While there are many reasons that sleep becomes an issue, most importantly when you are not taking care of yourself, you can’t expect your body and mind to work properly.

The 4 Week Diet

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