Chapter 2) The essential Requirements

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Chapter 2: The Basic Requirements

Exercise is essential for promoting healthy bones, muscles, reducing health risks, and enforcing the body to function properly. At what time you exercise, some experts tell you to workout outside, since you are getting fresh air. This is a good idea, since fresh air is good, but if you choose to workout inside, make sure you exercise at least one half hour each day.

I do not personally recommend exercising before bedtime, since in my experience, exercise increase the energy level. Unless you are running a marathon in bed, exercising before bedtime is only going to cause you to become restless for a short time.

Dorm work-out
Dorm work-out

If you exercise a couple of hours before bedtime, it might work out better, since after a while your body will be tired. It depends on the person, but anyone that exercises regularly can tell you working out before bedtime are not a good idea.

Don’t be discouraged if after you start an exercise regimen that you find yourself wanting to eat more. At what time you exercise, it affects your Metabolism. If you find yourself hungry after exercise, wait at least 30 minutes and grab yourself a healthy snack. Sleep disorders or related sleeping problems also include oversleeping. If you find yourself sleeping a lot, it is most likely a direct result of not eating right, and lack of exercise.

Exercise and eating right has proven to be two primary sources for a healthier mind and body. If you sleep a lot, your muscles and bones are affected in a negative way. The more you lie around or sit around the house, the more your bones and muscles will deteriorate. At what time your bones and muscle deteriorate, this soon leads to more complicated health issues. So therefore, whether you sleep too much or do not get enough sleep, part of the solution is to eat healthy, and work those muscles and bones on a daily schedule.

CARB diet
CARB diet

Today, there are hundreds of types of exercises and diets to select from, yet all have their own idea of what the body requires. For example, Carbohydrate pushers lead you to believe that adhering to a CARB diet will give you better results that sticking to other types of diets. Few of these sources fail to tell you that exercise is a requirement of the body. CARB diets are illogical, since the body also requires proteins, fats, carbohydrates, calories, cholesterol, and so on.

If the body is not getting what it requires, regardless of the type of diet you choose, the body will let you down. CARB diets tend to cause a person gain weight as they grow older. Therefore, CARB diets are only an idea that makes someone else money.

The different types of exercises promoted today also hold a bearing on which direction the body will go. If you are doing exercises that do not include covering the entire cardiovascular system, or your routine does not include burning fats or calories, likely you are doing the wrong exercises.

All of us have a different shape of body. The type of exercise then depends on the body type, since some body’s work best with mass exercises, while others work best with toning exercises.

Aerobics and weight lifting is one of the better choices of exercises. Combining the two makes it a cross training scheme that is said to work better than merely lifting weights or else participating in aerobics. Still, we have a problem because not everyone can afford to visit a gym.

At home you may not have weights, thus cross training may be out of the question for now. However, the marketplace has few items available for a nominal fee that will help you cross train at home. The Step Original Aerobic Platform – Health Club Size sold on Television and/or the Internet cost around fifty bucks and will provide you a minimal cross training scheme.

Again, the body has more requirements than merely exercising and dieting. Rather, the requirements include knowing what is right for your type of body. If you start an exercise routine and experience ongoing pain, likely the exercise procedure is not right for your type of body.

The Body’s Requirements

Meal Plan
Meal Plan

The body requires the amount of meals per day depending on the body type. Many people believe that if they skip meals it is a way to lose weight. If your body does not know which direction to go, you could gain weight even if you are not eating properly. Chiropractors have found that eating three healthy and moderate meals a day can help people lose weight. In fact, the body requires a scheduled meal plan. Like people at what time the plans change it brings on problems, or stressors, likewise at what time you change the bodies eating schedule, it too gives us problems.


It is significant to include water in any diet plan. Water is a source provided to us that assists in the flushing of the bodies contaminates. Be sure that you drink water at least one half hour before and after you digest any provisions. If you follow the guideline, you will see that the liquid will substitute as a food, and you will eat less.
Combining exercise with a healthy diet plan is important to build muscle, strengthen bones, feed your brain, tone your body, and provide the body the nutrients needed to survive. Adhering to your plans and sticking with a schedule is the only answer to achieving fitness and health.

To show you how important exercise is, I will narrate a short story. This story will be delivered out of first person since it can help you better see where the story is leading. In the first months of 1998, a woman experienced a traumatic experience. She was driven outside a motor vehicle for about a mile or over at 40 miles per hour. She opened her eyes to see that her body was going beneath the wheels of the tires, thus with all her might she struggled to avert from going under the tires, until finally the grip of the man’s hand holding her between the door of the car, she broke free and rolled into a ditch.

The girl was caught and beaten several hours after she fled to get away from the perpetrator. The woman lived, but endured internal injuries, where the tendons, nerves, ligaments and other internal areas of the body, including the immunity system were overall broken down to the point she sagged.

The woman before this incident had a fit body. The woman was told she had a few months to live, yet she refused the outlook. Instead of curling up on a couch waiting to die, the woman went to the gym and started cross training. In a few weeks between aerobics and weight lifting, the woman had a body to die for, and after the months grew, she had a life to live for. Exercise keeps this woman alive.

Sometimes doctors are wrong, or they are right, yet they fail to see that few things in life can be avoided. If I’d laid, down and took advice, likely I would be dead right now. As you can see, exercise is vital to our health and body, since if we are not exercising the body will gradually wither up and die.

Of course, other severe incidents befell me, but to date I managed to use exercise to keep me functioning without problem. One of the biggest problems people have is after reaching a level of fitness they suddenly stop working out. This is a very bad idea, since it will only cause harm to the body, and as you grow, the body will start to show tall tales of suffering. This was one of the biggest mistakes I made, and it didn’t take long for me to feel the pain from the incident increase and I gained weight, which found difficulty to reduce later.

Body Types

At what time you plan to lose weight, few people get the notion that cutting back on provisions is the outlook for losing weight. Losing weight includes exercise. It also includes adhering to a diet that conforms to your body type. To get started you must first setup an objective, since physical fitness requires careful debate before reaching a result. To find out which exercises that are right for you, you must consider your body type, and which chemicals, and other elements in the body determine your weight.

In accord to a few experts, including Dr. Berg’s New Body Type Guide: Get Healthy Lose Weight & Feel Greatand internal organs play a large role in exercise choice. The author introduced the notion that “soma types” are explained that three overall types of bodies factors on results in exercise. One of the three basics included the ECTOMORPH AND MESOMORPH.

The Endomorph is the third basic, and is said to be larger than the ECTOMORPH AND MESOMORPH, especially if the person has outsized bones, bulky trunk, spherical face, and natural higher degree of fat, especially near the middle part of the body.


According to the Doctor, the ECTOMORPH types are normally found in body types that have longer limbs, height, slender shoulders, and linear, which makes it difficult for these types to gain weight. The MESOMORPH types usually have lower fat on the body, according to the doctor, and if the person’s shoulders are broader, and the chest is large, likely they fit best in mass muscle building.

None of us have the same body type. The body type factors in our emotional makeup, metabolism, values, thoughts processed, motivation, toxemia, requirements, and this is just to name a few.

Assessing body type can facilitate in the determination of what the body requires to stay physically fit and in good health. Studies are showing that the natal degree, or biological, only demonstrates that we are all dissimilar in body types and the heredity plays a huge role in the body and the type it will form. Scientific study furthered the notion by claiming that the body’s ‘endocrine and its base is both different in both human and animal forms, which includes behaviors, functions, and so on, being all dissimilar in comparison. The endocrine glands and soma body types relate strictly to specific provisions and nutrients. According to the expert, this is the main reason that many people struggle to gain results while exercising.

A single body has numerous nerves, cells, bones, muscles, ribs, and so on. To learn which exercise is best for you, having an overview of the body and what it composes can help you take the right steps to fitness. We need to understand what the body requires for it to survive individually, while staying at a weight level the body requires and working toward health.

Weight loss then is determined by the Endomorphs. Scientifically, the body is classified by form and shape, and determines the physical makeup of one individual. Genetics plays a role in body types, since it decides the type of body under development, from natal to maturity. If you mother is large boned it does not mean that you will have large bones in all instances however. Shape of a body was the main notion that was utilized by experts to determine the type of body, however innovative information came available that lead the experts to believe that metabolic and hormones play a large part in determining the types of body. The experts employed hypothesize to classify the body type in accord to shapes solitary.

Thus, experts are ongoing working to discover new information. While not one person has the perfect solution, we still need to consider our body type to determine which exercises make us healthier while toning the body.
Exercises must also consider tone, firmness, volume, mass, and so on. If you want to look like one of those body builders then building muscles and mass is idea, but still more is needed. The steroids utilized to build muscle only cause harm, therefore stay aware from the pills and work that body.

Building a Home Gym
I bought a NordicTrack Ski Machine at a garage sale, and only paid $40. What a great start in the right direction to building my own home gym. Furthermore, I bought a Cardio Body Machine for only $1 at our local Second-hand store, another great start to building a home gym. For the price of $41, I can now burn fat, lose weight, reduce calories, and stay fit. I mentioned this in the article, because the Vertical Climber Cardio Exercise – Total Body Workout Climber Machine,FEIERDUN Folding Climbing Machine for Home GYM Step Climber Exercise Machine is comparatively reasonably priced, and you can find them often in yard sales. In addition, the Cardio Body Machine is a Full-Body workout machine, which means you will get entire body results while exercising. The machine enables you to work the muscles, burn pounds, reduce calories, and build stamina, or else staying power.

The Television advertises equipment to Home Climbing Gyms: How to Build and Use where you only pay a low monthly installment. Likewise, the Internet offers great resources, advertising equipment for under $30. Of course, you will disburse Shipping & Handling, as well as taxes, but this is reasonably priced compared to some equipment sold at various other areas.

Prince arm raise, do at home
Prince arm raise, do at home

Having your own home equipment to exercise is smart, since new studies are showing that families with gyms at home often workout more frequently. Exercise and fitness is essential to promote quality health, therefore having home equipment means you have no excuses not to work out. Of course, working out will lead to eating healthier foods. If you are working out but eating unhealthy meals, you are only defeating the exercises purpose.

One of the best rules when considering a gym at home is to consider your goals first. Considering your goals will help you to decide on the type of equipment needed to reach your results. The Marketable Aerobic Studio Packages are great startup kits to get you on your way to building a personal home gym. The kits comprise all that you need to do aerobics at home with groups. However, this package is generally sold to gyms and is pricey. As you can see gym equipment that is sold to, gym often includes all the items you will need to burn fat, reduce calories, and lose weight.

However, not everyone wants to burn fat, reduce calories or lose weight. Rather, some people want to gain weight, or build muscle mass. Once more, knowing your goal is the first consideration when thinking of purchasing gym equipment for the home. The Home Instructor Aerobic Steps can be bought for an around thirty or more, depending on the purchase is made. The steps offer the ability to obtain a degree of physical fitness. Yet, this is merely one equipment part, and mostly this equipment works the lower portion of the body.

Some kits have bands, ropes, steps, pump-balls, and med balls, including in the package. Some include all the items listed and extend to offering pro audio systems, core training tips, wireless headsets and MIC, and more. The downside is some of these kits are expensive reaching up to thousands of dollars.

Once more, the best solution when considering gym equipment for the home is to frequent yard sales, or watch the local papers for the deals. For the most part, you can find better deals by patiently waiting and staying vigilant to the sources.

In the meantime, you can work out by walking daily, jogging if you are physically able, run, ride the bicycle, walk the stairs, or do aerobics at home.

Health is imperative to stay fit. If you have health issues, never start work outs before consulting with your medical practitioner. As you can see many factors key into exercise, fitness and healthier living, with the first being goals, health, plans, and so on.

If you do not have goals and plans most likely, your exercise routines will not last. If you reach, your goals do not stop there, since life consist of ongoing goals. Stopping and starting exercises will only cause trouble later. If you receive the weight desired and stop, you likely will have difficulty losing weight again, especially as you age.

Home gym saves money
Home gym saves money

Home Gym Burning Pounds
Exercise is an indispensable requirement of our lives, as well as consuming the appropriate provisions. From time to time, we struggle to meet goals, but a combination of barriers hold us back. Barriers such lack of funds to participate at Gyms, or not having the time to meet the Gym hours can cause a person to avoid exercise. Working long hours, it is frequently demanding to find the time to visit the Gym; however, at what time you have the alternative to workout at home, and it can lessen stress, while saving time and currency. Scores of recompenses come from having a private home gym. The awards are unyielding.

Statistics has exposed that people with work out equipment in the home, frequently increase their actions in exercise. At what time a person works out frequently, it not only give confidence, it promotes healthier habits including eating right. Exercise also assists to trim down health-risk. When a person works out they often feel good, look excellent, and strive to arrive at goals. This is the result taking care of self.
Owning your own home equipment can save you time, currency, and anxiety. The cost conversely of buying home equipment can become pricey. Limitations may exist, if you don’t have the funds to disburse for the equipment necessary lose weight, burn fat, build muscles, strengthen bones, or what results you are seeking to pull off in physical fitness.

Physiologist Jim O’ Connor from Beverly Hills, California, the ‘author of’ Home Gym Shopping Secrets tells us that for less than $100 we can purchase our own private gym. Jim tells us that he has confirmed that people can benefit from utilizing home equipment that cost around $100. While this might be a reality, before you consider you will still need to know which equipment’s are needed to get you the results you desire.

Considering many factors before purchasing home gym equipment is wise. While intending to build your home gym, space should be considered. Why waste money-purchasing equipment that you have no space for in your home. Medical conditions also pose a question. If you are attempting to reach particular goals, thus the right equipment is essential. To burn fat, you could merely walk daily, go bicycling, or run on a treadmill. You could also job three days out of a week to burn fat.

If a pending medical issue exists or if you have history of medical problems, you may want to consult with your doctor before buying the gym equipment.

If you purchase your equipment, you will need to acquire a plan to achieve goals in fitness. If you purchase the equipment and do not use it consistently, what is the point?

If you have no clue on the types of equipment that will help you lose weight or burn fat, you may want to seek advice from experts. A number of gyms present day passes, which permits membership temporary at the gym for a day. The gym offers a variety of equipment, which you can work out to learn what the exercise machines do for you. Trying out the equipment, you can see what each machine works with, as well as, you will know if the machines are right for you. Otherwise, you can visit your local library or visit online to find out the dissimilar tips, strategies and advise about the collection of gym equipment accessible to you. To recover more about home equipment for $100, go online and check out Jim O’ Connors information.

If you do not have cash upfront to procure equipment to build a home gym, visit online and discover the resources, which permit you to make monthly repayments on home gym equipment. Some of the financial expenses can lead to hassle later nevertheless, it is a start. Once more, bear in mind the space in your home is important when considering home equipment. Estimate the space, since it can save you expenses. Buying equipment that rests in the corner of your home, only takes up space and is cash exhausted, especially if the machines are not in use. An additional tip for purchasing affordable gym equipment for the home is read the newspapers, frequent yard sales, or buys the equipment at auctions.

Chapter 3: Essentials and Advices

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