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Sex after 60


Well, the secret is out. The New England Journal of Medicine recently published a report breaking the news: A healthy sex life is not only possible, but quite commonplace, well into the golden years. CLICK eBook


Chapter 6: Live Longer With Vigor

Did you know that you could live longer, stay healthy, and feel younger if you exercise and eat right? If you are eating healthy foods in moderation, and exercising every day you can feel good, stay young, and healthy while living a longer, more productive life. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it is important to exercise regularly and eat healthy foods.

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Chapter 4: Types of Aerobics

Chapter 4: Types of Aerobics Since Health and Fitness Gyms opened, novel aerobic exercises came into play. At the gyms around the world, you can join in Cardio Kick Boxing, Hip Hop Aerobics, Striptease and Martial Arts Aerobics and so on. Cardio Kick Boxing – is comparable to Martial Arts Aerobics, in that it comprises […]

Moderate exercises on a timely schedule are imperative for staying fit and healthy

Chapter 1) Fitness, Health, Tune Up

Chapter 1: Knowing Fitness, Health and Tune-Ups Diet alone is never enough to lose weight and keep it off. Diet alone in fact is never enough to live healthier. Moderate exercises on a timely schedule are imperative for staying fit and healthy, while including a diet with low cholesterol and fat. In fact, most fitness […]


Meet Us Is About Us

There are a lot of ways to make a greater sense of happiness in your life, but one of the barest and most powerful is by giving to others. Meet us, because it is not about us.

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