Believe it or not <|> Life at 485 pounds


Couple that completely transformed themselves in 2 years

Believe it or not <>Life at 485 pounds and the plus-size wedding, you may be surprised at some things you will see, and some things you will not!

Lexi and Danny Reed were, in many ways, your average American couple. The two fell in love, got married, and pondered about the future. The fact that they both happened to be overweight isn’t necessarily surprising as one-third of all Americans are obese, according to a survey published by the CDC.
However, what Lexi and Danny did next was indeed surprising. In just two years time, the newlyweds had shed some major pounds and completely transformed themselves in the process. Combined, the two have lost over 390 pounds, as reported by Insider.
Lexi documented the couple’s weight loss on Instagram and no doubt became an inspiration to her over half a million followers.
Let’s learn some more about this amazing couple.

Let’s Meet Lexi and Danny Reed

Meet Lexi and Danny Reed
Meet Lexi and Danny Reed

Although the world now recognizes Lexi and Danny Reed as the couple who lost an incredible amount of weight, the Reeds were extraordinary even before their transformation.
Lexi shared a photo of Danny proposing to her in a heartfelt throwback Instagram post captioned, in part, “[Danny] asked me to be his wife on Clearwater Beach at sunset. I had no idea it was coming and cried like a baby.”
Lexi continued, “He loved me enough at my heaviest to spend the rest of his life by my side despite my size. He never asked me to change or made me feel like I wasnt worthy to feel beautiful and loved.”
Aww! In another Instagram post by Lexi, she describes Danny as her “best friend” and “soul mate.” This couple sure makes it easy to adore them!

The Plus-size wedding

The Plus-size wedding
The Plus-size wedding

When Lexi and Danny Reed said “I do,” the two weighed 495 pounds and 280 pounds respectively. As many former brides can attest to, wedding dress shopping is a notoriously exciting, yet equally stressful experience. However, it was even more difficult for Lexi due to her size.
In a photo many would be too embarrassed to post, Lexi shared the size 52F bra she wore on her wedding day. The bra fitting that wasn’t the only uncomfortable experience Lexi endured while shopping for her big day.
She explained in the caption of an Instagram post, “Nothing about shopping for a wedding dress at 485lbs was glamorous. Between not being able to find a dress to getting fitted for a bra — nobody knew how to treat a plus size bride.”
In another post, Lexi reported the stares, shock, and comments she was subjected to while browsing in bridal stores. Lexi had a hard time even finding one dress in her size, but held out hope for a 34W gown. What motivated her to keep searching? She explained, “I was strong enough to know my worth.”
Eventually, Lexi found her perfect dress some five hours away and her wedding was a successful. Lexi added, “I married my best friend, the day was perfect, I loved my dress, & I got to feel like a beautiful princess.”

Life at 485 pounds

Life at 485 pounds
Life at 485 pounds

Lexi and Danny Reed sat down with Megyn Kelly on the set of Today and candidly described their personal experiences with obesity. “For me,” Lexi began, “I would wake up in the morning, my joints would be sore. I would be tired, I would be out of breath quickly.”
As if that wasn’t enough, there were even more problems. Lexi continued by explaining all of the things she had to think about — things the average person may never have given a second thought. “My stomach touched the steering wheel, I didn’t fit in booths, I couldn’t ride rollercoasters… It was exhausting.”
According to Danny, both he and Lexi consumed a daily diet of around 4,000-6,000 calories. “We ate anything fried. We hated cooking. We ate microwaved meals — anything that was easy,” Lexi elaborated.
Certainly, many can relate. According to a study by Harvard Business Review, only ten percent of Americans actually love cooking and a whopping 45 percent hate it, much like Lexi and Danny. Still, the couple obviously knew that change was needed.

It all began with a New Year’s resolution

It began with a New Yea's Resolution
It began with a New Yea’s Resolution

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions for this year to lose weight? If so, you’re not alone. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, losing weight is the most commonly made resolution. Sadly though, only around nine percent of people making these resolutions seem to actually stick with, and accomplish, them.
Lexi and Danny, however, seem to have beaten the odds. According to an interview with Lexi for Insider, in January of 2016, the couple made the decision to get healthy.
Naturally, this wasn’t as easy as just declaring a noble resolution. Both Lexi and Danny needed to make some big lifestyle adjustments in order to go from obese to good health. So, how did they do it?

“The first day of the rest of my life”

The first day of the rest of my life
The first day of the rest of my life
Together, Lexi, at 495 pounds, and Danny, at 280 pounds, joined a gym. “I told myself that it was basically going to be the first day of the rest of my life,” Lexi told People. She continued, “If people were going to stare at me because of my weight, I was going to give them a reason to stare by being the hardest worker in the room.”
Lexi was clearly motivated and arguably was working the hardest at her gym. She explained to Today, “I tried to do high-intensity cardio, but I wasn’t able to.” Despite struggling, she didn’t give up. Lexi modified her workout and set her sights on 30 minutes of cardio, four times a week.
Lexi explained that she would need to take breaks throughout her workout but she kept at it and eventually the half-hour of exercise became easier and easier.
Danny, too, persisted. “At first the idea didn’t sound great,” he explained to People. “It was always good going home, sitting down, eating and not having to worry about anything,” he added. Thankfully, his attitude changed.
“But I [sic] the more I thought about it, I said, ‘It’s a new year and something to work toward while helping Lexi out as well,'” Danny further disclosed. As of 2017, the couple still works out together and they even share encouraging post-workout selfies.

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